You want more out of life.

You are eager to grow, to earn more, to reach the next level of success in all areas of your life.
 You invest in yourself. You know that personal and professional development play a HUGE role in creating the life that you want.
Think of it this way, your current thought process and behaviors, brought you where you are today. To create the life and success that you seek, you must develop a new thought process, new behaviors and new habits. This takes time and effort.
Accelerate your Professional and Personal Success
The Success Mindset and Skills Program is designed to expand your mind and sharpen your skills and assist you to increase your progress and results. Acquire tools and techniques to help you sustain the pressure and demands of life and work, while experiencing more balance and happiness in your life.
You must acquire the mindset that will support your goals, shift your paradigms and develop the new behaviors.
While sharpening your existing skills, you will need to and acquire the new ones that achieving your goals require.

is designed to help you

The Program includes
  • 4 Masterclasses over a 12 month period / one per quarter
  • Each LIVE Masterclass is 1 full day of Coaching/Training
  • Location in Burlingame, CA


Topics include – not limited to

    • Power of intention
    • Power of self-talk
    • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs
    • Stop self-sabotage

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Saturday June 1, 2019


Topics include – not limited to

    • Master the 4 types of communication
    • How to effectively communicate with the opposite gender
    • Speak with confidence
    • The Power of active listening

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Saturday September 21, 2019


Topics include – not limited to

    • Personal or self-leadership
    • From leadership to influence
    • Purpose-driven leadership

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Saturday November 9, 2019


Topics include – not limited to

    • Habits of the high achiever
    • Develop self-discipline
    • Overcome procrastination
    • Productivity tools and techniques

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February 2020

Two ways you can enroll

Select the Masterclass you want to enroll – Each Masterclass $497

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