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More about Giana Lozano

Giana’s story is proof that women who experience adversity can find light at the end of the tunnel. Giana’s life drastically changed when she lost her mother to cancer when she was 23 years old. However, Giana found life in her mother’s passing and was inspired to turn her life around— from not working or going to school to attending one of the world’s most prestigious schools— she aimed high because she knew life was too short not to.

Her belief in “trusting the process” and “everything happens for a reason” is exemplified in her journey— from working retail, to becoming a makeup artist, to her current role as a Product Marketing Manager— she emphasizes the importance of embracing all past selves because it has allowed her to grow in ways she never thought possible.

Giana Lozano is a Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) where she combines her love of storytelling and being creative.

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    Toronto, Canada – Oct 2024San Francisco, CA – Sept 2024

    More about Aisling Blake

    Aisling’s story is a testament to unyielding determination, audacity, and the unwavering belief that women can excel in whatever they set their minds to. She’ll share stories of her bold choices, which often led to extraordinary opportunities and personal growth.
    Aisling was a force to be reckoned with on the squash court, but her journey went beyond the game.

    Aisling Blake is a former professional athlete who has embarked on a life journey that reads like an inspiring novel:

    More about Vivian Faustino

    At a young age, Vivian refused to be defined by conventions and societal norms. She embraced her strengths, found opportunity, and pushed beyond the doubts of others to forge a path to success.

    Vivian founded the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) in 2018, with the mission of making entrepreneurship education experiential and inclusive. CCSF was awarded the 2021 Entrepreneurial College of the Year by the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.

    International Business Lecturer and Former Assistant Director, Center for Business Studies and Innovation, Asia-Pacific, University of San Francisco (USF).
    Award-winning educator who teaches entrepreneurship and international business at the University of San Francisco and City College of San Francisco.

    Vivian Faustino started as an entrepreneur while raising three kids as a single parent and building an 18y corporate career, in Asia and North America and serving in senior leadership roles.

    Vivian received the 2020 Canvas Educator-of-the-Year Award and 2023 Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award from USF and was selected as one of 2023 top five Female Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year by the Triple E Awards.


    OCTOBER 5, 2023

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      More about Liza Streiff

      At 18 years old, Liza had a personal experience that deeply influenced who she has become and how she navigated challenges over the years.

      Liza Streiff is the youngest and first female CEO of Knopman Marks Financial Training, a company that has trained hundreds of thousands of professionals to pass their high-stakes securities licensing exams.

      In her three years as a CEO, revenue has increased 87%, the number of full-time employees has tripled, and the company’s scope has expanded beyond exam prep to high-performance training.

      Liza Streiff is a high-performance expert, passionate about broadening access to the financial industry. She is excited to be launching a new product line that will give more people the tools and education to get into the industry.

      On a personal note, Liza is dedicated to her family and has 3 young children.

      More about Susan Hensley

      Early in her career, at the age of 24, Susan had a painful experience, however it was a pivotal moment in her development as a leader. She learned and embraced valuable lessons that followed her for the rest of her life and influenced her journey as a leader.

      Susan Hensley had two very distinct and successful careers

      She’s currently a volunteer coach through Stanford Seed program, providing strategic business consulting and executive coaching for businesses in Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

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          TUCKER STINE

          Executive & Team Coach. Brand Architect.

          Tucker has worked with Fortune 100 companies, tech giants and global changemakers such as Microsoft, F5, Accenture, Azure, AWS and more.

          His career began in the advertising and marketing world through large agencies in Boston and San Francisco working on large consumer, food and beverage and technology brands, but ultimately life brought him back to Southern CA where he continued his love for helping companies tell great stories. In 2012, Tucker left the corporate world to taste the life of an entrepreneur and founded his own firm that focuses on helping leaders develop their purpose, create strategic action plans, and connect with their customers on deeper levels through transformational communication.

          Tucker holds a BS in Marketing and Business Management and an executive credential in Strategic Marketing Management from Stanford University. He resides in San Diego, CA with his wife of 22 years and their two teenage kids.


          Executive & Team Coach. Women Leadership. TEDx Speaker.

          The first half of her career was with large multinational corporations, in cosmetics, banking and import-export industries, including L’Oréal, one of the largest Cosmetic companies in the world, BNP and Paris Indosuez Banks. She gained invaluable experience leading teams and successful projects in very diverse organizations and cultures, in Europe, Asia and North America.

          In the second half of her career, Bernadette became an entrepreneur and runs two businesses. She built an international health network and established her speaking and coaching practice, working with C-suite executives, professionals and business owners who are committed to take their overall success to the next level.

          Throughout her global travels and professional career, she has become passionate about empowering women around the world, diversity and equality, keeping our families healthy and protecting the beauty of our planet. Bernadette is blessed with an incredible husband and three beautiful children.